MarcoSantiago Chiappetta

MarcoSantiago is the founder and managing director of Convincing Crypto, an early stage blockchain consulting firm that fights for climate justice and economic empowerment by investing in exceptional blockchain founders building transformational technologies and movements. 

MarcoSantiago is a champion in economic empowerment and social justice with significant experience creating and executing diversity (DEI), blockchain awareness, and philanthropic programs. 

In addition, MarcoSantiago’s volunteer and non profit leadership executive work has been recognized and honored by outlets such as The White House Press, CBS, NY Times, NY Daily News, and News Day. In 2009 MarcoSantiago was humbled when he received an exclusive invitation to walk the Red Carpet in recognition for his leadership work for “Mandela Day” at Radio City Music Hall, a birthday party and fund-raiser for 46664, Mr. Mandela’s AIDS organization. 

“We believe change starts with knowledge. It’s my mission to educate. My ‘brand’ is awareness and information.”

~ MarcoSantiago Chiappetta